About Us

Our Mission:
Connecting People to Resources

Care Connect, a community alliance, was established to connect area residents in need with available services and address social determinants of health in a coordinated way throughout all of St. Johns County. By aligning community resources into a single access point, Care Connect increases coordination and access of available resources.

Our Story

Flagler Hospital established Care Connect to support its vision to become a national model for community-based care. When it comes to improving the health and well-being of our community, growing research shows us that up to 60% of our overall health is determined by social /environmental factors and individual behaviors - known as the social determinants of health.

Unmet social determinants of health have a significant impact on health outcomes:

  • More Illness: Poor health is closely tied to inadequate housing, food insecurity, and unemployment/underemployment
  • Shorter Life Expectancy: Well-educated individuals have a much longer life expectancy
  • Increased Health Care Spending: Unmet social needs are associated with higher rates of emergency room use, hospital admissions, and readmissions

Let's Get Connected

Resources are available to keep your family safe & healthy.
Let us help you find them.

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