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Be Resilient And Voice Emotions

The BRAVE program seeks to break down the stigma associated with seeking assistance for mental health, breaking down barriers to receiving support and ensuring that people have access to the services they need to thrive. The program began with a focus on students and quickly grew to serve people of all ages with a connection to behavioral health services.

If you or your child need support with mental health resources, connect with us here.

We use a holistic approach to help identify mental, physical and social needs. We use our resources to ensure you can access behavioral health professionals quickly and efficiently by providing in-person and virtual mental health counseling visits as well as a 24 -hour crisis text line.

The Crisis Text Line gives you 24/7 access to trained crisis counselors that can give you tools to help manage everyday concerns – anxiety, depression, stress, eating disorders, relationship issues – there is nothing too big or small to discuss.


To refer yourself or someone else to the BRAVE program, please click here.


Once the referral is received, we assign one of our BRAVE Navigators to your family. The Navigator will contact you by phone and email within the first 24-48 business hours. We will make three separate attempts to reach you via phone and e-mail. We will notify the school if we don't hear back from you.

Once connected, we will complete a brief intake with you.

We will need to gather the following information:


Health Insurance.

Knowing your health insurance will allow us to identify the best provider for long-term care. If you don't have insurance or another provider is needed, we are happy to assist you with navigating insurance options or explore funding assistance options to best meet your needs.

Monthly Household Income.

Knowing your monthly household income will allow us to determine if your family is eligible for grant funding assistance. We don't want any barriers to getting the services you and your child(ren) need.

Preference on location for services.

We want to accommodate your needs for services to be done in-school, in-office, or telehealth. Please note that in-school services are based upon provider coverage that school year and can change based on clinician availability.

Other needs.

Often there are other factors that influence both physical and mental health – the availability of food, stable housing, and more. BRAVE is a part of Care Connect+, a program developed by Flagler Health+ that is designed to assist families identify local resources that can help meet the needs that might also be playing a role in one’s mental health.


Based upon the intake, your BRAVE Navigator will discuss with you what options are available in your area. Based upon the provider, waiting times will vary. We do our best to match you with a provider that best meets your child(ren)’s needs. Most referrals can be submitted the same day as the intake unless you have not signed a Release of Information.

Your BRAVE Navigator will email or text you our Release of Information. It is important to complete this as soon as possible, so there is no delay in connecting you to services.

It is important to fill the form out completely. This allows us to continue coordinating services past the 30-day verbal consent from the school.


Once the referral is processed, our providers will call and/or email you to initiate services as soon as possible. Please note that provider wait times can vary.

Your BRAVE Navigator will continue to check in until your child(ren) are engaged in services successfully, and other needs for the home are achieved.

If you have questions or concerns about your assigned provider, please inform your BRAVE Navigator and we can seek a solution together.


Closing out a referral to BRAVE.

If you are actively engaged with a BRAVE provider, we will inform you that we are taking you off our call-back list, and you will continue to follow up with the provider directly.

At any point you do not want to participate in the BRAVE program or cancel a referral to a provider, we ask that you please inform your BRAVE Navigator.

If circumstances change and you want to re-engage in the BRAVE program, please inform your school, and they will explore processing another referral.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the

BRAVE Team Lead,, 904-819-4176


BRAVE also hosts a variety of community events and support groups throughout the year to bring awareness to mental health resources in the community. Click here to see upcoming events near you.

BRAVE Impact on the Community
  • 1,000+

    Youth served through the BRAVE program

  • 163%

    Increase of youth engaged with a behavioral health provider

  • 3,000+

    Of behavioral health appointments attended