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BRAVE for School Districts FAQ

Q - How does BRAVE help School Districts adhere to the requirements in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act?

A - BRAVE contacts the families and keeps them engaged. We have a network of providers that we meet with consistently. We have the ability to pivot the referrals to a clinician with a space within the 30-day time frame requirement. We also will provide you with customized, up-to-date reports.

Q - We have some providers that contract with our School District. Can we still refer to them?

A - We are more than willing to have a conversation with your approved providers; they often want to join the BRAVE network because we help break down any barriers to care and ensure that the client makes their appointment.

Q - Do I need one person or multiple to send electronic referrals to you?

A - It is up to you; we can have one point of contact or multiple people referring through our system.

Q - I am worried about what information will be shared, is it protected?

A - Our electronic system is HIPAA protected and compliant. For BRAVE we don’t require that Clinicians enter treatment notes. We only want to see that the appointments are being MADE and attended. Our goal is to break down barriers to care.

Q - how do you engage disengaged families?

A - Our sole purpose is to break down barriers to care and ensure that the family gets the help that they need. We contact the family through whatever means that is identified and will collaborate to find creative ways to reach the families.

Q - How will our School District be able to see the progress of our students that we have referred?

A - People that have been identified will have access to send referrals through our system and be able to see the progress in real-time. There is no need for multiple emails regarding students, all the information is in one place.

Q - Is there a cost?

A - No. We have received legislative funding through House Bill 3517 to expand our services across the state of Florida.

Q - When you say that BRAVE can hold the mental health allocation dollars, how does that work?

A - We assess families in that first phone call to determine if they are underinsured or uninsured. We have mirrored the free and reduced lunch criteria for families to potentially access funds. We invoice the School Districts with how much of the funds we have used in that quarter. The School Districts hold the funds, we are just able to access them with a pre-determined assessment.We leave it to the School districts to determine which families would be able to utilize the funding and for how long. Remember BRAVE seeks to eliminate all barriers to care!