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Youth Behavioral Health Provider

BRAVE Provider FAQ

Q - Why would I want to join your network when I already have a waitlist?

A - BRAVE ensures that the referrals being sent to you are eligible for your service, therefore eliminating the need for you to pre-screen clients.

Q - What are some of the benefits of becoming part of the BRAVE network?

A - Referrals are pre-screened ensuring that the clients referred to you are eligible for your services, we do the heavy lifting where we reach out to clients and make sure that they are remembering their appointments as well as addressing any and all barriers to care.

Q - I am worried that I don’t have enough Clinicians to handle the load.

A - We meet with Providers on a monthly basis so we know who has openings and who is at capacity, we never send you referrals if you can’t accept them.

Q - What if something changes within my agency, like if someone leaves the position?

A - We strive for seamless communication with our Providers and are made aware of any changes in our monthly meetings.

Q - I only want to see clients in a certain zip code.

A - We only send referrals to you based on the locations you tell us you serve.

Q - I only offer telehealth.

A – Telehealth is a huge asset to families these days! We only send clients to you based on your eligibility, if you only offer telehealth, we will send people to you that only want telehealth.

Q - I don't have the time or the staff to chase down clients to get them to their appointments, how does BRAVE help with this?

A - Through our internal process we call, email and communicate with the family in a way that is convenient for them. We do so on a weekly basis to keep them engaged and to address any and all barriers to care.

Q - I'm worried that the information that I enter into the electronic system won’t be protected.

A - Our electronic system is HIPAA compliant and protected. We don’t want to see treatment notes, only appointments that are being schedule and attended. Our goal is to break down barriers of care. You will always be able to see what our navigators are working on with families.

Q - Is there a cost for me to join the network?

A - No. We are House Bill 3517 and have state funding to expand our services across the state of Florida.